Taquilla Tickets Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Taquilla Tickets, our aim is to provide fun and create memories, but there is some serious stuff to talk about too.
On each of our organized coach trips we will be taking a 10 Euro per person Non refundable deposit to secure your place.

If Taquilla tickets has to cancel the trip for any reason we will give the client a full refund or credit on your next trip. please remember it may have to be cancelled last Minute.

If you do not turn up to our activity you will be marked as a no show and full monies will be charged.

We accept most credit and debit card payments.

Each person is responsible for their own physical abilities, if there is anything we need to know health wise before any of our trips then please let us know if we can help, i.e allergies, disabilities diabetes etc.

Taquilla tickets accepts no responsibility of liability of any persons attending our trips/excursions/experiences for loss of personal belongings or injury to themselves or others. Each person is responsible for themselves.



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