Up High Hot Air Balloon Ride

Make the most of Spain’s clear blue skies and stunning landscapes, and escape all earthly worries and cares, with a wonderful hot air balloon flight. This is one experience your family and friends will never forget.

– Please enquire for next available dates,
– Personalised Gift vouchers available.


Dawn will be our departure flag. We will take a ride in which we will capture postcard photos and unique moments.
The pilot will fly low and we will move with the slow breeze and so we can enjoy a landscape and spectacular views unknown to us from the ground.

We will look for the right air to climb higher, appreciating the unknown and wonderful views of the region of Murcia. From here we will perform a dance with the wind that will teach us the mysteries of the currents surprising and captivating our cameras.
Unparalleled experience
When the tour comes to an end, we will enjoy a picnic lunch. In it we will comment and celebrate the incomparable experience.
Price per person 150 €-

Price for children up to 16 years (minimum 1’30 height) 100 €

You also have the option to start your day with experiencing inflating your own hot air balloon, and having a perfect photo opportunity inside the balloon before it fully inflates.

The venue you will depart from is approx. 15 minutes away from Murcia. The experience lasts around 2 hours.

You are asked to wear appropriate clothing to suit the weather conditions at the time. And to arrive at the avenue 15 mins before your allotted time.

This experience has specific allotted dates and only up to 8 passengers at a time so pre booking is essential.

Remember if you would like to give this experience as a gift then taquilla tickets can provide you with a personalised gift voucher.


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